Adult Communities

Sunday Mornings – 9:35 to 10:45

Adult Communities are Christ centered, Sunday morning gatherings, where meaningful connections are formed while investigating the Bible together.

Special K – Room 101
Special needs young adults enjoying special care, fellowship and time in God’s Word.

Family Life Cafe – Room 210-211
Couples with young families encouraging, fellowshipping and studying biblical based issues together for development of healthy individuals, marriages and family life.

The Living Room - Room 107-108
Boomers applying God’s Word where discussion is the model for learning, and a caring community is the model for living.

Free@Free – Room 105/106
Traditional Bible teaching in a community of seasoned believers. Great discussion and warm fellowship focused around digging into God’s Word.

Logos – Room 207/209
This Adult Community focuses on in-depth, exegetical study of God’s Word. Starting this Fall we will be studying the book of Hebrews.

Family Bible Fellowship – Gym
This inter-generational class for the whole family.

Singles Adult Community – Room 103
A place to fellowship and learn about God’s Word together.

The Gathering – Room 120
Believers in all stages of life connecting through community based learning.

Newly Married Couples – Room 104
If you’ve joined the “married” crowd in the last few years you are walking through some unique challenges and exciting growth opportunities. This Adult Community is just for you.

Blended Families – Room 206
Talk about challenges and changes, perhaps no family knows more about that than a family that has blended together from two families. This Adult Community is for those couples walking through this experience.

Faith Steps Classes- Faith Steps classes are recommended for believers and seekers as an opportunity to explore what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Love God and Love Others – If someone would tell you almost everything in the entire Bible could be summed up in just two statements; would you be interested in knowing what they are; maybe even studying them closely. Here’s what Jesus said about these two statements, “All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two…”. You don’t get much more significant than that. This 8 week study starting March 23 at 9:35 AM in Room 102 will examine what it means to “Love God and Love Others”.

Fresh Start -  All of us at times need an opportunity to make a FRESH START. An opportunity to regroup, rethink where we are in our relationship with God. Rewind the tape and revisit what it is that takes us where we are with God from the mundane to vibrant. If that’s where you find yourself, FRESH START is the class for you. Next Fresh Start study will begin in September.

Following Jesus Christ in Baptism - In the baptism coaching session we discuss the meaning of baptism and the process we use as a local church. This session provides all the information needed to prepare for baptism. It is necessary to attend the class or meet with a pastor prior to being baptized. Next class will be June 29 with an outdoor baptism on July 20.

Discovering Membership – Those who are considering becoming church members are invited to attend Exploring Church Membership classes. The vision and purpose of church membership is explained in a lively format by our ministry staff. Participants explore the opportunities of fully utilizing your God-given skills and interests in serving others. Next class will be from 5 to 8 pm on Sunday, May 18.

Financial Peace University -  Classes began January 26. This 9-session opportunity to learn biblical principles that lead to financial peace under the teaching of popular speaker, Dave Ramsey, is offered once each year at GI Free.